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Assistances of Audiovisual Systems

Technical Staff hiring in order to operate costumer's audiovisual systems on specific events

Our Production Department manage the Technical Staff assignments considering specialitzation and technical skills in order to fullfill the costumer's technical staff requirements on event's location which Sonostudi has been hired for.

We keep technical assistance protocols along with our clients by technical requirements. A prior visit to the room or rooms is required in order to gather data like system analysis, installed materials and equipment knowledge and recognition, functionality scheme drawings, access, mobility, etc.

Sonostudi design an assistance protocol through all known variables, usually by room and materials. We ask to our client the available information from date, timetable and kind of event along with their technical requirements in a reasonable time.

It is important knowing the needs or operation requirements: IT, projection, lighting, audio, multi-purpose, etc. Sonostudi's Technical Staff will attend on the time agreed, in advance in order to do a complete system check before the show starts. The Technical Staff assistance contract will be customized by client's requirements and the equipments they have to operate. Sonostudi will always provide to the client the equipments that can technically complement the event to-do.

We thank the confidence that for years has been given from Fundació La Caixa de Vic, Fundació La Caixa de Granollers, Palau Macaya, Fundació Picasso, Teatre Auditori de Granollers, La Farga, Palau de la Virreina, Col·legi de Farmacèutics, Col·legi de Notaris, etc.

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