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Sonostudi Audiovisuals

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Advice of Audiovisual Systems

Our departments do advice with no charge any question and doubt by recommending, giving solutions and also offering efficient proposal in all the audiovisual area related topics whatever the specific subject is. Audio systems, P.A. or Professional Audio reinforcement, room lightings, buildings, outdoor, performancees, big screens, videowalls, security systems, communications, patching, etc. Either for sales, installation or rentals application.

Advice is offered also on everything related to audiovisual systems connection, computers and internet. We provide the information about how to control through a computer and from our Sonostudi's Technical Office against any further failure, wrong operation from our client's systems saving their time and money of a technician in-house.

We provide different proposals through contracts: Rentals, Materials supply, Sales, Installations, Assistances, etc.

Custom attention is given to every scheduled appointment, by phone or by sheduled call and also forward any of our costumer's enquiry through email.

We recommend the most efficient brands at the time of the enquiry, paying attention also to every brand support and the best ratio price/quality.

Our call center is available from monday to friday 9am to 7pm non-stop. However, you could also request an appointment for specific enquiries. 

Any doubt?

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