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Sonostudi Audiovisuals

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Brainstorming, artists, contents and ephemeral decoration projects

This department complements the Production Department with UN Plus represents the Soul born together and all the years of experience, stories, experiments, knowledge and desire to express-the.

Always according to the technical requirements of our clients, of our own condition quite technical and What is Our Purpose as an existential version, we believe that the time has come for UN fer clients SAME TO OUR Return all the "wisdom" in the mouth Small but really capture.

I want to express with all humility, because we will be able to able to bring to our clients' projects Part of Creativity in any of these disciplines creative / artistic:

  • Contracting artistic musical paratheatrical , theater , magic, entertainment , etc.
  • Technical artistic projects and proposals for activities and events
  • Decoration acts or events
  • Content Images, or camcorder
  • Ambient creative Screening
  • Mapping
  • Grants & Research creative for events
  • Our tireless personal implications


Any doubt?

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