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Sonostudi Audiovisuals

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Installations of audiovisual systems

Projects and audiovisual supplies and public address systems

Projects and audiovisual systems and P.A. supply

Our Installations Department has an Engineering and Technical Office that from requirements does the installation project of the following systems: audio, P.A., lighting, LED screen walls, LCD, plasma, communications, video, etc. We do all the required measurements, coverage requirements calculations, material selection and brands choice. Offering the proposal and he budget, we also schedule the works duration and coordinate across all others industrial companies involved on the works.


We can give advice on all the topics which refers to better define the composition of the main and auxiliar materials in order to achieve the final result on a budget.

We use the best brands always while they offer the best use guarantee, service and the best and efficient service parts supply.

We have specialized on P.A. systems, sound reinforcement, lighting, LED screen walls, LCD and plasma displays, communication systems, video and all their computer connections. Our experience make us necessary in spaces open to the public like Auditoriums, Social Clubs, Restaurants, Concert Halls, Conference Rooms, Hotels, Schools, Gym centers, Shopping Malls, Multi-purpose Palaces, Churches, Exhibitions, Museums, Parkings, etc. 

Our staff have an indisputed good training and experience from the almost 40 years experience of the company.

There are already many installations already connected to our Technical Office where we can solve through internet mostly of the failures, saving time and money by sending a qualified technician to the costumer's location. Efficiency, neatness, and security in our installations, these are our main slogan.

The installations we do are completed by a guarantee beyond than law requires, adding training when needed to the customer staff, maintenance contracts through a customized protocol depends on every installation. Also available technical assistance by technical operator specialists on specific schedule when required by events from the costumer. Our organitzation allows offering this service with absolute guarantee.

We are OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED by the best brands mentioning the last ones included: QSC QSys & BIAMP for matrix programming.

The installations made in Foment del Treball, Col·legi d'Arquitectes, Esade, Teatre-Auditori de Granollers, La Maquinista, Nissan, etc. supports and show our work and professional demand.

After-sales service

Our facilities are guaranteed a minimum of two years in all main and auxiliary materials and five in some of them. We are always available to provide periodic inspections and maintenance of audiovisual systems, with skilled technical assistance at the times determined by any routine or sporadic activity level and training required for handling systems by our customers users.

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