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Maintenance of Audiovisual Systems

Reviews, checkings, break-down solutions, certificates and audiovisual systems test

Our Technical Office plans and automated checking from every single system under a maintenance contract.

From data input of the current audiovisual systems, our Engineering Department will write down a report of the installation updated status, blocks diagram and connections. From this report and locating the weakness and sensitive parts from the installation, technical actions to do will be determined and their frequency. That is the way to always ensure the proper operation.

During every technical operation, a number of checkings will be done following the report made by our Technical Office. That will be done based on our standard procedure including connections monitoring, general cleaning of all the sensitive and accessible materials, equipment funcionalities test and incidencies report.

When a failure is detected, our Engineering Department proceed immediately on a solutions proposal through the Technical Office, placing the order, if necessary, the service parts and materials required. All the installations under maintenance contract will follow a customized treatment protocol by the equipment they are equipped with, operation security importance, system check frequency, etc.

Sonostudi also offers the chance to provide product certificates and follow regulations required by every room by default or by administrative requirements.

Sonostudi has the right on not reacting efficiently in these areas or installation materials which does not offer a minium guarantee in order to provide a correct maintenance.

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