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Training of Audiovisual Systems

Audiovisuals: Audio, Lighting, Video and Communication

Internal and External training and information plan about property or non-property audiovisual systems

Our relationship along the audiovisual sector schools is excellent and we would like to thank the confidence they have towards our company. We are always free to improvements proposal and collaboration ideas. These are the main reference school centers which provide professionals to the audiovisual area: Centre Villar, Escola de Mitjans Audiovisuals EMAV, ITES-CIAPE, Institut Mare de Déu de la Mercè, Institut Escola del Treball, Escola Roca, La Salle de Gràcia, MK3 and Escola Pineda. Schools who wish to join this relationship are welcome.

Sonostudi has understood the training since their foundation as a part and not separable from the organization. A
 great investment has been done for company's staff training for all their technical, productive and organitzative disciplines. We have created a classroom within the company facilties, the last 10 years we have taught more than 17.500 hours of audio, lighting and video courses to all the technical staff from audiovisuals in Catalonia. We have done specific training about special topics under "training capsules" format from the same subjects.

We are regularly in touch with Universities and Professional Training Schools. By a dialectical relationship to the students offering them access in order to interact between the Academical Training and the chance from trying more than 1000 of different items which are part of the audiovisuals equipments available in our warehouses.

We receive periodical visits from schools in order to show them our organization, installations and materials shown by Sonostudi's staff.

The technical staff assists on regular basis to product showrooms, seminar, exhibitions and conferences related on new technologies, improvements and technology creations...Last years we have been in Musical Production course by Tony Platt from Sgae, Exhibitions from Vic's MMVV, Midem in Cannes, Womex, Line Array operator certificate from HK Audio, MAPP Meyer Sound, Mapping & VJ course. Regular showrooms from Yamaha, Sennheiser, Shure, Beyer, L'Acoustics, Panasonic, Analog Way, Martin, etc. Assisted to Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona's "Curs de retribució variable", "Seguretat de la informació", "Tècniques assertives de lideratge", "Obrim portes: busquem altres mercats", "Services Marketing" and Sales Management in Esade, etc.

Planning custom courses about audiovisual systems opreation are offered to our customer's staff installled in Centers, classrooms, factories, theatres and auditoriums.

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