We search
new and special people to work in a dynamic team

Be part of big projects working in the Commercial Department


Knowledge in professional audiovisual equipment.

Immediate availability

The people are the most valuable thing of our company

Always ready to overcome any challenge that may arise, thanks to the human team behind Sonostudi. With the help of technology we can make it possible to be everywhere in order to respond to our customers.

Working in Sonostudi means always learning. We can cope with any problem at work and we must meet the challenges if we wish to succeed confronting the problems and solve them as soon as possible.

Some great people have turned up in our company. Many people passed through here and are many the ones that have remained and others have left. We all learn from each other and in the development process, our company matures. When it comes to developing our achievements and challenges, we learn from all these shades and nuances, and aim to provide options that reflect a company where all learn from one another and no one is superior to another ; a company where I stay, because we are a community.

With the best tools

As a leading company in the market, we have the best means to make work easier.

In Sonostudi we offer discontinuous fixed contracts for technicians

  • Sound technicians

  • Lighting technicians

  • Video technicians

  • Camera or Postproduction Operators

  • Machinists technicians

Be one of our collaborators working as a technical assistant